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Phantasmagoria issue

From the ancient ghosts of Robertson’s Phantasmagorias to today’s CGI enhanced stories, come with us as we discover the meanings behind the madness.


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Red Nose Studio [Portfolio interview]

Chris Sickels’ extensive background in 3-dimensional illustration led to self taught stop-motion animation projects; movement and art working seamlessly together. His animation credits include early development for The Little Prince and the creation of his own animated short film Creosote.

The shape of fear

In both The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea films, there is a barrier between the protagonists and the outside world. Tomm Moore and his team at Cartoon Saloon use the design of the characters and the world to express these deep themes

Feed Me Light [STUDIO]

Bringing Your Ideas to Light: A look at the challenges of the animation business and team building.

With an exponentially growing studio, higher calibre client projects, and an increased demand for content produced by Feed Me Light, they have solidified their status as an effective and impactful design agency.

Why a magazine about animation?

Marimo’s goal is to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for everyone, from young students, to casual animation viewers, to professionals wanting to learn more about the processes and artists in their industry. 

Animation is for everyone, young or old, serious, humorous, adventurous, and every person and personality in between. We invite you to join us on our journey to discover the previously unexplored facets of the animation industry, and fall in love with new ideas and the ever-changing realm of animation.

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