Marimo Issue #1 - Home

Marimo Issue #1 - Home


Marimo very first issue featuring Don Bluth, The 4th Planet, Lilo and Stitch, Mateusz Urbanowicz and more…

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Home. It is an intricate, multifaceted concept, of which a clear definition is difficult to pinpoint. For some, it is the safety of a family. For other, something restrictive to escape. Home, ultimately, can be at the end of a perilous quest or at the start of a long journey.

Marimo was our very own journey. A blind step into the unknown, leaving the familiar behind to create something new. It was far from an easy quest, but we may have found with it our own home: one full of people eager to share their passion of animation.

Featuring Don Bluth, The 4th Planet, Lilo and Stitch, Mateusz Urbanowicz and more…

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Table of Contents

Under Her Roof – The Irish Mammy
Words by Cole Delaney
Illustration by Sue Gent

Home, Family and the Question of Belonging
in Lilo and Stitch
Words by Jane Batkin
Illustration by Sarah Frimman Conradsen

Portfolio – Mateusz Urbanowicz

From Page to Screen: Un homme est mort
Words by Fanny Maréchal

Working on Bino & Fino, resilience is inevitable
Words by Zainab Balami

Where the art is
Words by David Perlmutter

Words by Laura-Beth Cowley
Illustration by Gordy Wright

Gold Mine
Words by Josiane Keller
The Story of precinema
Words by Eric Ritattore
Illustration by Sam Shaw

Nostalgeek for cool
Words by Thomas Olivri

Don Bluth: leave to come back stronger?
Words by Damien Duvot
Illustration by Patrick Atkins

We Wait – Journey Into (Virtual) Reality
Words by Ingrid Mengdehl

Bidayyat’s nice little shoestrings
Words by David Hury

Home is Where You Hang Your Head
Words by Chris Webster
Illustration by Marianna Madriz

The 4th Planet – building our future together
Words by Stéphane Lemonier

Illustration by Laurence Jenkins

Playing with Emotion
An insight into Old Man’s Journey

Words by Ingrid Mengdhel

Manga, home and neighbourhood
The role of the setting in Mitsuru Adachi’s Work

Words by Antony Teixeira

Combatting urban isolation:
finding solace in The Garden of Words

Words by Grace Han
Illustration by Robbie Cathro