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3 things you need for a good feature

A good script, a good script, a good script

Before creating beautiful imagery, you need, first and foremost, a good story. And a scary one at that. At LAIKA, storytelling is the cornerstone of each film. It dictates the technique used and often pushes it to its limits. LAIKA’s brainpower is its gold mine.

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Pamela Pettler

Breathing new life into the Addams Family mausoleum

They’re mysterious and spooky and altogether kooky and they’re coming back to the big screen in fully animated splendour in October 2019. The dark and comical wit of Charles Addams is once again being reinvented, this time in CG. We were fortunate enough to get some time with the delightful weaver of the macabre, screenwriter Pamela Pettler.

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